The Erie Is Coming

Mariev Finnegan


I am Matriarch of the Erie (People of the Long House Who Are Crazy). We sold Manhattan for a few beads. Because we didn't believe anyone could own the Earth. The Erie are the original Indian Givers. We are responsible for Thanks-giving. Giving and receiving are the same thing.

We are the wild (free) Indians, us Erie, anarchists (a Ma-anarchy) known for shamamaisum, vision-quests, mystical talents and doing too many hallucinatives. Erie possess an unusual set of psychological attributes: Intense psychic abilities. And a disposition for difficulty with authority.

Erie have no concept of ownership or one person subjugating another. The Erie are in direct contact with God. Each individual is a sovereign nation; we each draw our power from a central Creator. We don't label, not even relationships. Us Erie, we just belong to each other.

The Erie were once part of the Six Nations-- Originally there were seven. The white man based the Constitution Of The United States Of America on the Six Nation's government, which considered the Erie as insane. Dead. Because we would not be a nation.

Everyone is our Tribe.

Nations engage in behavior that would be immediately recognizable as psychopathic in an individual. If nations were individuals, they'd be committed as insane. Or they'd get the electric chair. Then they'd be dead, like Grandpa Weed, an Erie, the last man in New York State to die in the electric chair. (He was innocent).

The Erie logo: thumbs and pointer fingers forming a halo above the head, both middle fingers raised as horns, represents the trinity of the mind: the collective unconscious, the subconscious id and the ego.

Ego comes about through a split in the human psyche in which identity separates into two parts that we call "I" and "who I think to" or "me" and "God." Every ego is therefore schizophrenic, a split personality. A duality. The ego creates separation, and separation creates suffering. The ego is therefore clearly pathological.

Erie recognize the ego for what it is: a delusional system. We all endure a collective dysfunction, the insanity of the human mind. Compassion arises when you recognize that all are suffering from the same sickness of ego.

We are spiritual beings. Our purpose here on earth is to overcome the ego. The ultimate purpose of human existence is to recognize that: WE ARE ALL INSANE.

Character is fate. Free-will is expressed when we overcome the ego, when we do that which is not the easiest to do, or the most self-glorifying. The true value of any being is determined by the sense in which she has attained liberation from the Self.

Our purpose here is to overcome the collective ego, which manifests the same characteristics as the personal ego, such as the need for conflict and enemies, the need for more, the need to be right against others who are wrong.

A still relatively small but rapidly growing percentage of humamakind are experiencing within ourselves the breakup of the old egoic mind patterns and the emergence of a new dimension of consciousness. Erie.

Erie understand the psyche. And overcome it.

The Earth itself has a psyche, exactly like the dual female and male aspects of our individual personalities: Yin, the feminine, creative, psychic, spiritual aspect of our individual personalities, and Yang, the active male cosmic element. The ultimate battle of the sexes is inside each of us, and the cosmos, as well.

The ultimate cosmic joke: Gaia, the complex living being that is our planet, Mother Earth, also has an ego.

The Earth is insane.


As the planet tilts its axis, a profound shift in planetary consciousness is destined to take place in the human species. This is the spiritual awakening that we are beginning to witness now.

A still relatively small but rapidly growing percentage of humanity is experiencing within themselves the breakup of the old egoic mind patterns and the emergence of a new dimension of consciousness: Erie.

Erie are global consciousness.

We are consciousness come from the greater consciousness, evolving to a higher being. In a transformation of human consciousness, we are becoming enlightened collectively and with each person who awakens, the momentum in the collective consciousness grows, and it becomes easier for others.


I am the Erie Matriarch, a mystic intuitive. On occasion, I spontaneously merge with another in total empathy, and actually become them for short periods. Once I was Julie Munson, a young murder victim-- I didn't want to be. I told the police where to find my body in the Bergin Swamp. I tried to tell them who murdered me, but they convicted the wrong man. And once, I died as a woman caring for the children in the nursery of the Federal building blown up by Timmy McVay, an Erie.

Because I have occupied others, thought their thoughts, felt their pain, I know we are one. Interconnectedness is my favorite word. Fractals, I like also. What goes around comes around. Love one another.

Erie accept that we are subject to only One universal law. The Law of Equilibrium. The cosmic law of Karma. The Golden Rule. Do unto others, because they are you!

There is no separation of individuals. Immediate participation in the cosmos is available when we surrender individual identities: Psychic abilities and expanded awareness are a product of this understanding.


Where is the center of the universe?


You are comprised of trillions of cells, all replaced by generations of cells from those that comprised your body at birth. Yet you remain yourself. All these individual decision-making cells that form structures, like a brain, a heart, come together in this extraordinary cooperative enterprise that has potential far beyond that of any one cell. Cells have the ability to move energy almost instantly from one part of you to another, wherever it's needed, through psychic powers. Time and space have no meaning to cells. Just like subatomic particles, cells instantly communicate regardless of time or space. Some How. Every particle always knows what every other particle is doing. For your body to work, each cell maintains its integrity as an independent being, yet is devoted to the whole. So it's constantly balancing the individual interest with the collective interest. Or you die, and so do your cells.

So too the planet.

Life can exist only in cooperative, sharing relationships with other life. Energy is constantly flowing back and forth among organisms, just as it is among the cells of a single organism.

Erie see the ultimate irrelevance of caste or social class. Hierarchical organizations, such as the military, the church, governments and corporations-- the law-- make authentic human interactions impossible.

Free from the establishment, and the struggle and conflict of religions, class-states, borders and laws, the Erie take responsibility for our own reality, without using power over one another.

Rather than one leader, the Erie have billions of selves acting together through dynamic, cooperative processes of self-organization. The Erie is an organic process that demonstrates the possibilities of biological systems organizing on spiritual principles. The Erie are self-organized and cooperating on a global scale that mimics the dynamics of natural living systems.

Erie are a culturally mutative agent, a virus of sorts, with morphological features. Everyone is infected with a transformation in our consciousness as we awake to the realization that humankind's purpose is to come from monkeys and evolve into angels; a cosmic identity.

Our stark choice is: Evolve or die.

Humankind has developed, from the center of our reptilian brain to our frontal lobes, an additional dimension: extrasensory. Call it conscience, just don't call it guilt. Call it responsibility for our consciousness. Call it Erie.

We are not born with egos.

Children are Erie; they are not insane. Yet.

Children still remember what we came here for. They exist on a higher plane, like spirit in a mystical state of elevated awareness. They have yet to form prisons of judgments, labels and rules. Laws. Laws of science and math and values. Laws imprison adults. We are changed by nature, as if we are something apart from it. Looking to each other for heaven, while entertaining angels unawares.

Kids naturally practice Emergence: organization from the bottom up, no leaders. As birds fly in a flock, bees swarm and fish swim in a school. The only rule is, each has their space: go with the flow.

And give the power to the children.

Just as the divine realm impacts on our world, our world and actions impact on the divine world. Spiritual development and psychic abilities are connected. Mind-to-mind the Erie have preserved the knowledge that God is to be experienced directly, by understanding the mirror image of I and the universe.

I=I to a higher power.

I am the experiencer... and the one creating the experience. The dreamer and the dream. To awaken within the dream is our purpose now.

We are eternal. Interchangeable. Interconnected.

There is no way out.

Only those brave in mind and heart and spirit can face the ultimate horror: we are responsible for our own reality.

Individual consciousness and universal consciousness are one. The physical universe is a reflection of individual consciousness and the actions arising from that consciousness, although it appears the other way around.

We each are capable of immediate connection with the sacred: Consciousness unconfined by space. Or time. Or a physical being. Free. The essence of our BEING is unconditional love. As the Erie say, Love, without reservation.

To restore equilibrium to the planet, Erie are reinforcing our latent capacity to be one. The Erie is a spiritual and healing transition.


The highest spiritual achievement is the reunification of female and male. Yin/Yang. These two primal opposite but complimentary forces, found in all things in the universe, can transform into each other.

The interaction of planetary forces and our collective thoughts is producing the planetary paradigm shift from male to female. From Yang to Yin. The state of humanity's consciousness is powering the displacement of the axis of Earth.

The subjugation of women-- because we know-- and too much Yang has led to an imbalance. Men have created the conditions and set in motion the energy that is creating the instability in the whole. Yang needs to be balanced by Yin; it's the cosmic law: For every action, there is an equal reaction.

The new rising spirit of collectivism is a feminine revolt against the male individualism that dominates our culture. The pendulum is swinging toward a shift of polarities, because the male ego has spent all of history running unchecked by its female counterpart. Native Americans call the obliteration of the sacred feminine: koyanisquati-- "life out of balance".

It's revenge of the right brain. A major global shift is happening inside our heads. We are collectively awakening to Erie, our psychic.

Men suppress any thoughts of sharing power, because men fear such limitless and uncontrolled intimacy with other minds, such revealing of the true self. Unless a man is divinely in touch with his feminine, he'll never know: Immediate oneness with the cosmos is available when we surrender individual identities to bring about one culture that places children as our priority.

Erie are the interconnectedness of all life on the planet and throughout the universe: There are no absolutes: Good... evil. Man. Woman. Yin or Yang. We are breaking down the barriers between 'feminine' and 'masculine' by emphasizing cooperation instead of competition. Emersion rather than government. Yinarchy rather than idiocy.

Now, at the Alpha and Omega, the Erie are gathering momentum towards a balance of Yin and Yang. Equality and equilibrium. The highest spiritual achievement is the reunification of male and female. The combining of the two into oneness is the metaphysical basis of orgasm, the elemental energy.

Every child represents at least one orgasm. Men are responsible for all life on Earth, because the male must have a sexual climax to fertilize the egg. Until now. They are to blame for the present world culture, which contains both billionaires and 10 million babies starving to death each and every year.

Yinarchy is the equal distribution of power.

Yinarchy is a mystical state of higher awareness, the ultimate climatic orgasm. The Erie is coming.

Enlightenment is attained in the balance between male and female-- Yin and Yang. Immediate participation in the cosmos is available when we surrender individual identities to bring about one culture that places children, born of man and woman, as our priority: psychic abilities and expanded awareness are a product of this understanding.

Yinarchy: Females (Yin) orchestrating culture without government (Yang) to obtain a balance between male/female, by giving power to the children.

Power to the children.

Yinarchy is Free energy, by balancing the power of the male and female. The redistribution of power by giving it to the children, the lease powerful among us.

Power to the children.

Just take care of the children, and everything else balances.

Even the planet.

Yinarchy has appeared simultaneously in several widely separated locations around the world. Yinarchy is passed from Erie to Erie over large distance and across barriers of time. We give and receive Yinarchy by direct mind contact. Yinarchy is free and spontaneously spreading mind-to-mind, slowly at first, but gaining momentum, from individual to individual across space and time, until the entire sphere has been affected! Global mind-to-mind interactions have entered a phase of super-exponential growth. The Erie is a critical mass, resulting in a transformation of humama kind to a far higher spirituality.

Humamaity is about to discover the meaning of power in a metaphysical sense. Universal psychic cohesion. Planetary mind-to-mind communication outside time and space.

World-wide, those with expanded awareness are organizing on a higher plane. The Erie is gathering impetus towards a cosmic awareness. As a collective, we are about to expERIEnce a profound shift in consciousness.

And as those magnetic fields intersect, for a time we'll balance.

The whole universe conforms around us! Celestial conditions harmonize to manifest God. We purposely bring Heaven to Earth, in a perfect balance of Yin and Yang.

The reason we are here is to consciously evolve into a spiritual state-- Angels-- Beings suited to leave Earth.

And go into space, a higher dimension.

Collectively leave the physical plane for a cosmic identity. It's time for Yin, the feminine, creative, psychic, spiritual aspect of our individual personalities to emerge.

And power will be free.

The Erie have come.

That's How.


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